A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

[This is my first game and it's still in early development stages, do keep that in mind as this game is NOWHERE near complete] This a story about Midnight Moon, a rookie Sage who ready to start her own adventure, but then it's a story about Jonathan, a hero of legends but has now been shortened down to a mere child's story, and in another chapter it's about Tea, the daughter of a Mayor of an empty town, and in no chapter is a story about Komaeda Nagito, the strange guy who some may call a filler character. So come along, and play the game!

Install instructions

Windows: Extract the file then open the game

Mac: Sorry Mac users, I don't know how to deal with that

Linux: Download "Linux.odt" and also download "The First Game.zip", open up the ODT and instructions will be there.


The First Game.zip 211 MB
Linux.odt 27 kB

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